Custom Porcelain Onlays in Calgary, AB

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Like dental inlays, our porcelain onlays for Calgary, AB residents offer a larger restorative option for teeth with significant structural damage, in lieu of covering it completely with a dental crown.

Porcelain onlays in Calgary, AB restore decayed or fractured areas that involve the cusps of back teeth; that is, the pointed areas on the chewing surfaces. Because a filling in one of these areas cannot withstand normal biting and chewing pressure, most general dentists choose to cover the affected teeth with a crown.

As a prosthodontic expert, Dr. Nimet Adatia provides porcelain onlays as a minimally-invasive alternative to conventional crown treatments. Some people refer to onlays as “three-quarter crowns” because of the way they cover a larger portion of the tooth while still leaving a significant amount our healthy enamel intact.

What to Expect

Getting a porcelain onlay is similar to having a crown treatment. That is, the process is completed over the course of about two appointments and the restoration is made by one of our trusted dental labs.

Your first visit involves numbing the tooth and removing the damaged surfaces, then taking an impression for the final prosthesis fabrication. A temporary filling or crown will be placed over the tooth to minimize any discomfort. About two weeks later, Dr. Adatia will bond the permanent onlay over your tooth and ensure that it fits properly.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Rather than immediately moving on to a crown to repair your damaged tooth, it’s worthwhile to talk to a prosthodontic expert like Dr. Nimet Adatia about whether an onlay or inlay is the best choice for your smile.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Adatia’s additional training and experience in dental reconstruction allows our Calgary patients to access a wider variety of restorations than what are typically found in a general practice.

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