Porcelain Inlays in Calgary, AB

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What are porcelain inlays? Calgary, AB prosthodontist, Dr. Nimet Adatia incorporates inlays in instances that involve damaged or fractured teeth when a filling would not be adequate.

Rather than immediately move on to a full coverage crown, porcelain inlays for Calgary, AB residences allow us to restore your smile while preserving the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure possible.

As a lab made filling, porcelain inlays are created outside of the mouth and then placed in at a second appointment, much like a traditional crown would be. Some people even refer to them as “three-quarter crowns” because of the intermediate role they play between a large traditional filling and a comprehensive crown.

Why Do I Need an Inlay?

Decayed or cracked teeth tend to gradually decompose and break apart if left untreated. Replacing a large, older metal filling can also result in a tremendous amount of lost tooth structure.

Most general dentists would choose to place a filling if the area is small enough. But if it is already quite large, an inlay can prevent you from needing to immediately moving on to the final line of restorative options: a crown.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Adatia provides more specialized restorative and reconstructive services, including porcelain inlays. Although inlays are not available in all general practices, we make them easily accessible to our clients because of the advantages they have to offer.

Like a crown, your new inlay is made of high quality porcelain that serves to strengthen the tooth while also enhancing its overall appearance. Dr. Adatia will select a shade of material that blends in with the enamel color around it, minimizing the appearance that the tooth has had a restoration placed into it.

What to Expect

Getting an inlay involves numbing the tooth to remove the damaged structure, followed by an impression. After about two weeks, your lab made filling will be ready to replace the temporary that was put in at the initial visit. Is an inlay right for you? Contact Northwest Prosthodontics today to find out!