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Sedation Dentistry

Dental Sedation in Calgary, AB

Receiving dental care from a dentist is essential in maintaining optimal oral health. Dr. Nimet Adatia is certified to offer sedation dentistry in Calgary, AB to help patients receive the treatments they need for a healthier smile. Schedule a consultation today!

Dental Sedation Services in Calgary

Sedation dentistry offers patients a way to relax in the dental chair and benefit from a comforting experience with the dentist. Patients with anxieties from previous experiences and those that have avoided dental care can catch up on years of missed appointments with comprehensive treatment plans that address several issues at once. With the aid of sedation dentistry, Dr. Adatia and her team can efficiently restore health, provide full-mouth makeovers, and give patients a reason to smile.

Treatment with sedation also helps patients get over procedures, leaving them with little memory of the procedure and causing longer appointments to seem shorter.

Options we have for sedation dentistry include:

Oral conscious sedation utilises medication taken orally either the night prior or the day of a procedure to induce relaxation at the point of treatment. This method gives patients a relaxing effect while allowing them to remain conscious throughout treatment to answer questions. Patients may experience mild amnesia, which can be a benefit for patients looking to forget about their treatment. Patients will require a designated driver after their appointment.

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, allows patients to relax for treatment easily at the time of their appointment. This method is entirely safe and allows patients to receive the care they need and then drive themselves home afterward.

More Ways to Relax

Our Calgary dental practice puts a great deal of focus on alleviating anxieties related to visits to the dentist, making an effort to improve patient comfort and administer care at their pace. We have decorated our office to encourage a relaxing experience and our operatories are equipped with dental chairs that feature massage capabilities. Patients enjoy the fact that our treatment rooms overlook beautiful mountain scenery as a backdrop to an amazing view of the city.

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Your dental health is important in your overall wellness, and sedation dentistry helps you receive the care you need without fear. Dr. Adatia and her team are standing by to aid you in achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. Call us today!