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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneer Treatments in Calgary, AB

Cosmetic dental treatments each treat different aesthetic needs. One particular goal a patient may have is to thoroughly reshape the visible size and shape of a tooth. If a tooth only needs its image altered in this way without any restorative care, a veneer is the appropriate treatment.

Northwest Prosthodontics crafts porcelain veneers in Calgary and provides them to Olds, Airdrie, High River, and the surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment today to find out if this cosmetic solution is right for your aesthetic goals.

What Is a Veneer?

A veneer is a sheath of porcelain that is cemented over the treated tooth to improve its size and shape. Visible chips and cracks, gaps between teeth, and the length of the teeth can all be adjusted to generate a more uniform smile. Additionally, this prosthetic can conceal internal staining to restore the brightness of your smile in situations teeth whitening products cannot treat.

Our Calgary prosthodontist is able to craft porcelain veneers to your unique specifications within a two-week process. First, Dr. Adatia will discuss your options for cosmetic treatment and work with you to decide if veneers are the best option. We then take the impressions necessary to determine the dimensions of the veneer to meet your specific needs. This phase of the process includes creating mockups that you can wear to ensure the final product fits comfortably. The veneer is then fabricated and added to your smile, making it uniform and beautiful.

Prepless Veneers

For most patients seeking a cosmetic reworking of their teeth, standard porcelain veneers are the most appropriate veneer option available. However, eligible patients may be served through prepless veneers instead of the traditional prosthetic.

Prepless veneers serve the exact same purpose as a standard veneer. The difference is that prepless veneers are much thinner and smaller than their counterparts, requiring less alteration to the treated teeth. By taking advantage of this option, you can have a uniform smile while minimizing the impact such treatment will have on your oral health.

To receive prepless veneers, certain requirements have to be met. Because the alternative prosthetic is smaller than the traditional one, the treated teeth must also be relatively small. Prepless veneers still add some volume to the tooth, so a mouth without proper lip support is going to host that veneer more comfortably than a mouth with fuller lips. If neither situation applies, we may recommend standard veneers.

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