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Nimet Adatia, D.D.S., MS, FRCDC
Prosthodontic Specialist
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BOTOX® Treatment in Northwest Calgary

At Northwest Prosthodontics, Dr. Nimet D. Adatia provides BOTOX treatment for patients in Calgary. Patients often find that repairing the visual quality of their smiles often highlights other issues they may have with their appearance. BOTOX allows patients to complement dental procedures with a facial treatment designed to effectively treat and ultimately erase wrinkles. This solution also has therapeutic benefits for patients experiencing the symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).

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How BOTOX Works

In order to provide her patients with BOTOX treatment, Dr. Adatia attended courses overseen by the Pacific Training for Facial Esthetics. As a dental professional who provides in cosmetic procedures, Dr. Adatia finds that BOTOX is a valuable tool for treating facial lines and discomfort associated with TMD. 

BOTOX works by relaxing the muscles that regularly contract during various facial expressions. This remedy allows you to function without facing the visual effects of aging.

Cosmetic Benefits

As we mature, wrinkles begin to form with regularity. While some may consider these lines a sign of character, many patients prefer their faces to stay smooth and ageless. BOTOX offers a cosmetic solution that softens and minimizes lines in the forehead and around the eyebrow, crow’s feet, and the results of previous treatment such as brow lifts. 

Wrinkles on or around the forehead, eyes, and mouth are usually caused by stressed facial muscles. BOTOX prevents this action, which leads to the smoothing out of these facial lines. It should be noted, however, that BOTOX does not repair wrinkles caused by external factors, such as sun damage or sagging.

The cosmetic benefits aren’t limited to erasing wrinkles. As these creases in our skin form due to repetitive action, steps can be taken to address the aesthetic impact before it even occurs. BOTOX can help patients keep their youthful appearance by preventing the formation of these lines. 

Therapeutic Treatment with BOTOX

We want our patients to both look and feel good, which is why we offer BOTOX for reasons beyond cosmetic treatment. For patients with jaw pain associated with TMD or teeth that have been compromised by bruxism, BOTOX offers a unique solution that grants relief. 

Temporomandibular dysfunction is traditionally treated with a splint, and while this appliance does help prevent further clenching and grinding, BOTOX helps eliminate muscular discomfort. This solution can also prevent these destructive habits, therefore preserving oral health.  

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We offer a variety of cosmetic solutions at Northwest Prosthodontics for our patients in Calgary and the surrounding cities of Olds, Airdrie, and High River. If you would like to reverse the effects of aging or wish to prevent wrinkles from forming, consider pursuing BOTOX treatment for cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Call our office to schedule an appointment today!